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Buffalo Grove Martial Arts

Your Home For Better Martial Arts Training

Welcome to Buffalo Grove Martial Arts, where we're proud to offer everyday men, women, and children the highest quality self-defense and fitness training. Our goal each and every day is to help you stay safe in the face of any real-world threat. Our programs are designed to make powerful self-defense skills more accessible than ever before. From comprehensive Alpha Krav Maga training to the renowned Carlson Gracie BJJ system, our classes are constantly on the cutting-edge of self-defense and our team is dedicated to helping you get the most from each workout, regardless of your experience level. Take advantage of everything we have to offer right here in Buffalo Grove by filling out the short form on your screen. We can't wait to get started.

Our Expert Team

Our team brings more than 3 decades of experience to the table and a wide range of Black Belt certifications across multiple disciplines. We are here to share with you the most effective forms of self-defense for any situation.


Our Core Values

We value your safety above all else. There are dangers in everything we do - many of which can't be avoided. But with our comprehensive self-defense system, you can be more prepared than ever to defend at a moment's notice.


Our Mission

We are committed to making real-world self-defense and total-body fitness training accessible to everyone in our community. We've all seen the exclusive gyms that require extensive qualifications. That's not us. We're here for you.


Our Promise

We pledge to offer you the best instruction in a safe and supportive environment. You should never fear for your safety as you learn and grow your skills. And with us, you'll never have to. Train today with peace of mind and a focus on success.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga  in Buffalo Grove - Buffalo Grove Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts in Buffalo Grove - Buffalo Grove Martial Arts

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing in Buffalo Grove - Buffalo Grove Martial Arts

Combining Fitness And Self-Defense For All Ages

Meet our Instructors

Melissa L., Buffalo Grove Martial Arts testimonialS

Kickboxing kicks your butt!! Buffalo Grove Martial Arts is awesome. If you're looking to get a great sweat on, kick yourself into high gear and see results, this is the place! Bert is a great teacher that fosters a high energy, positive environment. I highly recommend the classes to people of all .... Read more

Melissa L.

Jack M., Buffalo Grove Martial Arts testimonialS

Excellent Krav Maga training! Just what I was looking for, a friendly supportive environment to learn Self Defense. I've gotten in great shape and learn how to really defend myself and my family . .... Read more

Jack M.

Anita M., Buffalo Grove Martial Arts testimonialS

I came in completely unprepared for boxing or kickboxing. For any plyometrics. The workout was informational, educational and, if I wanted it to be, intense. It was therapeutic. It was a challenge for sure, but seeing myself improve every time was the most motivating experience I've had in .... Read more

Anita M.

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